Josue "Doc" Rodriguez

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Meet the Doc

Josue "Doc" Rodriguez has never followed a conventional path. From an early age he dealt with the hardships of growing up in a single parent household in small town Texas. A rough childhood made him turn to the streets to release his frustrations, which found him looking at the inside of a prison cell with a three-year sentence, and a bleak outlook on life.

Upon his release, a series of fortunate events along with hard work pushed his life in a more positive direction. After moving to Fort Worth, Texas in 2015 he started going on daily hikes to offset depression that was creeping in from the relocation and giving up on his lifetime passion of baseball. Soon he found that he was his best self with a trail under his feet.

He discovered the world of thru hiking and the Pacific Crest Trail on a Google search of long hikes in 2018.  Josue was inspired to quit his now "normal" office job and pursue a more intentional lifestyle filled with joy and adventure. Soon after leaving his job, he set out to hike his home state's premier long-distance trail the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT). This experience, although challenging, was affirmation that the life he envisioned himself living was indeed possible if he only made it so. A few months later after another successful thru hike of the Ouachita Trail (OK-AR), he made the decision that the Triple Crown of hiking would be his next long-term goal.

After a once in a lifetime thru of the Appalachian Trail in 2020, where Josue's alter ego "Doc" was born, he has continued to be a presence in the hiking community. Doc went on to earn his Triple "O" crown on 8 successful thru hikes* as well as making a valiant yet failed attempt at the FKT(Fastest Known Time) on South Dakota's 125 mile Centennial Trail. After hiking The Continental Divide in 2022, only the Pacific Crest Trail stands in the way of claiming his crown. 

*LoneStar Hiking Trail 2018, Ouachita Trail 2018, Ozark Highlands Trail 2019, Appalachian Trail 2020(unrecognized), Long Trail 2020, Ozark Trail 2020, Colorado Trail 2021, Continental Divide Trail 2022


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